Replacement & Refund

The product is Non-Refundable under any circumstances. Replacement for Defective products will be done.  Please first email us to for Replacement authorization.

Return for Replacement: within 10 days of receiving your product. (Transit damaged or Defective)

No Replacements will be accepted without having previously obtained a return authorization. All Replacements must be in their original mint and clean condition. Replacements on damaged, scratched, programmed, burnt, or otherwise ‘played with’ products will not be accepted. The product must then be returned in its original packaging with its receipt and a small note for the reason for the Replacements. The note will help us to serve you better and improve our products. Reimbursement will be denied for any products which do not conform to the above-mentioned conditions.

Both Side Shipping Fees for Replacement of Product will be borne by BGC-Fi Technologies